The Victims of Corona Virus

Corona Virus has created a chaos, it has made us to realize that the most important thing in life is life itself. In my opinion the nature has pressed the reset button. The nature was warning us from last couple of years but we kept on ignoring all the warnings. These warnings were in the form of huge fires, floods, melting glaciers, earthquakes, and you name it. Finally the nature said - Stop and behave yourself.

The following is a list of very few influential people who were making a +ive differnce.

Positive Side of Corona Virus

Pollution is under control

Coronavirus lockdowns have played a role in causing pollution levels to drop significantly across Europe over the past month, the European Space Agency (ESA) has said.

Nitrogen dioxide levels are down around 50% in some cities, the agency said on Thursday, noting that the fall coincides with the “strict quarantine measures implemented across Europe."

The improvements in air quality were particularly clear in France, Spain and Italy, all of which have had severe lockdowns in place for several weeks.

Paris saw a dramatic drop of 54% in nitrogen dioxide concentrations when comparing the period April 13 to March 13 to the same time in 2019.

Madrid, Milan and Rome all saw decreases of around 45%.

Nitrogen dioxide concentrations vary widely day to day owing to the fluctuations of emissions, as well as variations in weather conditions, the agency also said, admitting there is a “weather-induced variability,” which makes it difficult to “draw conclusions based only on daily or weekly measurements."

Real Time Testing

Online Education - Coronavirus is testing the limits of online education. Online education is now becoming a reality and especially the evaluation system. It is also testing how kid are learning at their own will and pace

Telecommuting - Rather than traveling to the office, the employee “travels” via telecommunication links, keeping in touch with coworkers and employers via telephone, online chat programs, video meetings, and email. Now hundreds of employees are working from their homes. Only time will tell that is it increasing the productivity.