I am an IT professional with 15+ years of work experience in design and agile software development. I am working as software engineer. Software Engineering is a complex subject. Basically sofware engineering is a systematic, and disciplined approach to make softwares. I have a lifetime commitment to learnning.

On the technology front I use only Microsoft platform. I am proud to be involved in implementing technology for a better world. While most of my work is propriety and business domain specific, still I have been involved in couple of public facing web applications. Just look at the side bar !!

I am well organized, detail oriented, flexible, and confident communicator. I understand and work with modern software technologies needed in a corporate sector. I have been working with the latest technologies as they evolved throughout the years - from the early days of visual basic and waterfall to the most current MVC and agile based technologies coupled with the implementation of design patterns and SOLID principles.

Throughtout my career I have worked with amazing smart people and learned a lot from them. Everyday is a new day for me. There is always something new to learn. The best thing I like about my profession is to continously learn and delearn.

My current and previous employers:

​The best employer I have ever worked for. My responsibilities are more aligned with a .Net Solution Architect. I am also responsible for maintaining TFS 2015 along with Build and Release processes. I am leading a team of developers for modernizing existing apps.

Athene is a company involved in the business of creating financial products. Fixed annuities is one of their primary business. The company is located in West Des Moines. It is a great place to work. They have a big IT department and I am working as software engineer.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge) , member FINRA/SIPC, is an independent, privately owned broker-dealer with over 2,500 independent registered representatives and $65 billion assets under management. Cambridge was recognized as one of the Best of Iowa Businesses and has been named among the top workplaces in Iowa for the last four years.

Maharishi University of Management - USA Founded in 1974, Maharishi School offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum accompanied by an innovative and progressive technology called “Consciousness-Based® Education.” Daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation® program develops students’ full inner and outer potential by optimizing brain functioning, expanding awareness, and releasing stress. I worked in technology department in multiple roles.

This company International Species Information System (ISIS) - USA maintains the world largest database on animals. I was involved in the development of a project called ZIMS - Zoological Information Management System.

United Nations Population Fund Here I worked as an IT specialist and primarily responsible for ensuring the implementation of knowledge sharing programs.