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An IT professional with the experience of converting and modernizing Legacy Systems and supervising off shore Software Engineers

Akber Ali
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The Scrum Approach

The Scrum approach to agile software development marks a dramatic departure from waterfall management. Scrum and other agile methods were inspired by its shortcomings. Scrum emphasizes collaboration, functioning software, team self management, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is an IT professional who is schooled and skilled in the the creation of software. A software engineer is often confused with a programmer, but the two are vastly different disciplines. While a programmer creates the codes that make a program run, a software engineer creates the designs, and addresses a lot of complexities around software development.

Solution Architect

The solutions architect is typically part of the development team and is responsible for transforming the requirements created by functional analysts into a set of architecture and design documents that can be used by the rest of the development team to create the solution.

IT Management in the age of Corona

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting every sector of organizations. An increase in the remote workforce has created capacity and skillset challenges in mid-market organizations’ IT departments, inhibiting their ability to deliver and support rapidly changing organizational needs. The escalation of tel.....

Why I have my web site?

The reason I am maintaining this website is, because it is my property that I own on the web. If I put content onto other sites, I’m at risk to their business models. If something goes wrong, all my content is lost. When it is on my site, as long as I cover my maintenance expenses, it will always be there. Also, my website gives visitors an easy way to learn more about me, get information and have easy access to me, whether they want to hire me or feature me in a publication.

My personal website hosts my personal (non-consulting) articles and allow friends and family an easy way to understand what, exactly, it is that I do.

There are lots of free or low-cost ways to gain a web presence or claim your online space, but in most cases you don’t own your online home, office or store and, even worse, you have little to no control over all that’s contained in your online space. With a professional website, you do.

Akber Ali
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Akber Ali 1/5/2023

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