The author Akber Ali is an IT Professional and resident of Iowa, Waukee. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

IT Management in the age of Corona

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting every sector of organizations. An increase in the remote workforce has created capacity and skillset challenges in mid-market organizations’ IT departments, inhibiting their ability to deliver and support rapidly changing organizational needs. The escalation of telecommuting has brought on an increase demand on its core network infrastructure, a significant surge in user support requirements and new security threat management obstacles.

Who is managing this additional work, and at what expense? Here I am not going to talk about the technical challenges rather resource management. Resources in this case is the workforce.

Compassion - As we know that this a very unique time in our lives. None of us have ever experienced crisis of this magnitude. Workers are adjusting to maintain a balance between work and family around as well. Could you imagine that when you leave your desk to grab a cup of coffee and your seven years old come and press the button to turn off your computer. Imagine your beautiful cat get strangled in wires and pull the cable of the router. The point I am trying to make is that be human to your workers. If you are Manager or Supervisor show empathy toward your team. Go and drop some groceries at their home. It is not impossible. Try to win their hearts.